22 August 2010

I'm A Geek and Hell I'm Proud of It!

People say that math and make up do not mix, I sure am a living testimony that there is no truth to that. I am a chemical engineer. I go up tanks and I find tremendous happiness in shopping. I enjoy solving for integrals and derivatives as much as I do taking shot after shot of tequila. I am a Pisay scholar and I am so effin' proud of it. Belonging to the top 240 students of my age bracket that time is something to take pride of. Come on, we are studying calculus and electromagnetism at 16; now isn't that enough brain stress? We still are your typical teenagers; we have the same issues, same love problems, we cut classes and we tell lies. We watch the same TV programs, we enjoy eating fastfood and we sing the same songs. The only difference was we were gifted with exceptional IQ.

Pisay was actually was one of the happiest experiences of my life. I met the best girls there:

Graduation Ball 2001. My friends were big on the belly exposure. Haha.

Graduation. When oil blotting films were undiscovered yet.

I stumbled upon these "marketing" videos of Philippine Science High School. It aims to get more kids to take the exams and take on the challenge to become the country's latest batch of prodigies and "iskolar ng bayan."  Sounds Star Circle Quest. Haha.

But then again, I don't think the marketing is needed. We are talking of Pisay here. Who would not want to get in? *winks*

The question remains: Why do people think Pisay scholars are nerds? :P

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