28 August 2010

Lola's Closet

I was late (again) yesterday morning but knowing me, Fridays are meant for dress-up so that was not a reason to look like trash.

Friday was kind of eventful. We had Jason's despedida at A Veneto at lunch. I love that place because their food is so cheap but it can feed you really good. I am especially a fan of their Nut Pesto with Chicken and Buffalo Wings. I'm stopping now because I'm writing this without breakfast and this is making me hungry. I'm really sad (and envious haha) that Jason's leaving the company; and no one would take my pictures anymore hehehe.

Come evening I had to be a receptionist / promo girl for the Petron Expo. It was fun only that we weren't given chairs for a solid two hours. Poor feet of mine.

Trivia: the top I was wearing was something I unearthed inside my grandmother's closet. I think if she was alive she'd be really happy that I was able to put to it to good use. It was actually a part of a skirt and blouse ensemble but I thought it would look good with jeans as well. What do you think?

Oh and I fell in love with Angelina Jolie's side french braid that I attempted to do it. It's actually easy; don't fret about the loose hair. Mess adds character in my opinion.

Now I'm really excited to explore more of her closet. Vintage is luuuurve!!!

Top: old from grandmother's closet
Jeans: Her Bench
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: VNC
Necklace: Tomato
Bangle: Bazaar

Photo credits to Welai. (P.S. I don't know what you are going through but hang in there ok? :))

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