18 August 2010


Yesterday guess who's having a PBA basketball team? And guess who was supposed to be spearheading it?

Well aside from the Kris-James separation brouhaha, there's still news about Mr. Yap that is not related to division of 300 million pesos worth of property or changing the surname of baby James, oh he's now called Bimby my bad, to Aquino. Petron is now entering the basketball scene with James Yap in tow. Well if I was James I would be really happy playing for Petron. Well *ehem* we are the country's number one oil company. Besides, wouldn't you be if your team was previously named B-Meg? And if we flip the coin and look at the point of view of a fan, where is the prestige in cheering for a team endorsing hog feeds?

But then that was all thrown into flames because San Miguel Corp. was not able to seal the deal in the sale of the food group because apparently there were some losses which cannot be recovered. So there fans would continue to shout hurrah for the hog feeds.

Good thing I was never a fan of Mr. Yap.

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