19 August 2010

Peeping Inside Shoe Gallery

I saw this small store at Trinoma called Shoe Gallery the other day. I almost did not notice it because its sign is inside the store and it is just an alley with racks and racks of shoes. So if you are the type to do olympic speed shopping, you would probably just pass by this store and ignore it completely; and that is just so sad.

I happen to have purchased a few items yesterday and I was so ecstatic because all items were so bloody inexpensive. I found a pair of patent flats which was on sale for PhP 420. Would you believe that?

They carry accessories as well. I am currently on this accessory expansion project because I realized that the stuff I have are oh so not updated that seeing them creeps me out already.

I can't remember when the love for cocktail rings started but I really love this one that I just had to buy it.

Shoe Gallery is located at the second floor (beside Flojos) of the Trinoma Mall. Why don't you give it a visit? I'm sure you'll find something to fancy.

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