23 August 2010

Rainy Days and Sundays

I have a love-hate relationship with the rain. I love sleeping on cool nights and having to be able to wear my jackets but at the same time, I hate having to walk on wet streets and sacrificing my shoes. Hurray for taxi cabs!

That jacket has been hanging inside my closet for about two years now since it was sent to me from the USA and I haven't had the opportunity to wear it until this. Plus points for the rain!

I needed a break and I just had to go out so I went to see Ayen and Ghe last Sunday at (wherelse?) SM North EDSA. Since Ghe and I were broke (I don't know with Ayen hehe), we decided to just have dinner at KFC which is fine by me because I was so starving that I could eat the whole menu. Also, I was curious to try this one:

I did mention I was straving right? So I also got myself the UAAP Snackbox which has hotshots and nachos inside. Plus you get to drop stubs for your school and at the end of the promo, whichever school has the most number of stubs gets 3 days free KFC. Yay! I wonder if they would still honor my ID.


Okay so I was wrong about wanting to eat the whole menu because by the time I reached the twister, I was full already that I was not able to finish it. The twister was interesting. It was like your Jollibee peach mango pie with chicken and cucumber but I still enjoyed it. Well after stuffing ourselves with chicken we headed for Bubble Tea which now has overpriced drinks. I'm actually wondering why they are priced more expensive than the Megamall branch.

The hepatitis themed photo

I was just glad that it wasn't pouring when it was time to go home...or else I would have totally ruined my shoes.

Dress: H&M
Jacket: Old Navy
Necklace: Tomato
Bag: Puma
Shoes: Shoebox

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