03 August 2010

Siam Thai Cuisine

Food has always been my problem whenever I get assignments. I remember having to endure one week of Jollibee, Mc Donalds and Chowking. It was just but fortunate that Cebu is just like Manila and I would not have to deal with that. Well, I’m still far from the city but being a tourist destination, Cebu is just a hub for restaurants of all cuisines. I go to sample Siam Thai Cuisine located at the Mactan Marina Mall.

I cannot remember when I developed my love for Thai cuisine. I have fond memories of eating at this house serving Thai cuisine with my good friend Tres back in my college days at LB and my perennial favorites then, and even now, are satay and pad thai. But I'm not here to talk about that; let's focus on Siam.

I've never been a fan of Tom Yum for the simple reason that I am allergic to shrimp but this one's good I just prepared my antihistamine meds. Stubborn stubborn me.
Tom Yum Prawn Soup - PhP 175 (S) PhP 195 (L)

Wee favorite!
Chicken Satay - PhP 135

I didn't like this much. Nakakaumay.
Tofu with Cashew - PhP 120

Chicken in Red Curry - PhP 180

I'm not a big fan of this guy but when immersed bathed in this sauce...it's a totally different ball game
Fried Fish in Thai Sweet and Spicy Sauce - PhP 275

 Tender tender spareribs!
Stewed Pork Spareribs Thai Style - PhP 200

This one...well it's calamares. Dunno what's so Thai about it though.
Thai Calamare - PhP 170

Anything strawberry is love!!! Especially when it is priced cheap!
Strawberry Smoothie - PhP 75

Okay this one's aftertaste reminded me of car fresheners.
Lemongrass Iced Tea - PhP 40

Hmmm...some were hits and some were misses. The satay I tasted on the streets of Singapores definitely tasted better. But then again that's Singapore and everything there is better. I loved the fish, curry chicken and the strawberry smoothie.

But I definitely commend them for this one:

Sawasdee Ka!

Verdict: 3.5 pandan leaves

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