20 August 2010

A Touch of Pink

This week has been kind of dragging, or if I may say. gloomy. I have a lot of things to do and deadlines to meet but I just could not find anything to fuel the passion for it. Maybe because it has long been dead. I have been struggling with all these issues but I have learned how to shrug them all off. I have managed to stay perky and have chosen to be happy. I don't like to be all emo; blame it on the hormones.

You just have to find something to break the monotony. A dessert to counter the saltiness of your dinner; a coffee break to relieve the work stress. A touch of pink when the world gets all dark and black.

The weather here in the Philippines could get really hot but I really wanted to wear my boots. Yey for office aircons! I don't know what is it with boots that get a lot of stares and attention. The haciendera jokes can be really irritating. Hey if you can pull it off there shouldn't be any problem right?

Well, I'm still perky and I still choose to be optimistic rather than sulk and have the universe eat me whole. Besides, my deadlines would not vanish even if I would want to throw them all in a blackhole.

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Wrangler
Scarf: Landmark
Boots: Primadonna
Accessories: Jane and Ross
Watch: Swatch
Photo credits to Jason

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