31 August 2010

The Weirdest Rain Ever

Yesterday, Ria decided to have her brows threaded at Browhaus at Serendra. Don't you find it weird that we now have a salon specializing on contouring your brows? Normal threading costs around PhP 580 while the full brow reconstruction is pegged at a whopping PhP 35,000! Whoa that's a price of a laptop already. Well anyway I'm not here to talk about that, though her brows look nice and clean after. For me, I'd rather clean my brows on my own and pay myself 580 pesos.

Were you out when that weird rainfall happened? Banj and I decided to head towards Bonifacio High Street and wait for Ria ang Lizelle at Coffee Bean when the rain started pouring really hard; the thing was, the sun was really shining brightest. No we are not talking about a light drizzle here, the rain was hardcore. Talk about extreme. We were wearing sunnies because the sun was hurting our eyes while crossing the street with an umbrella. Seriously something's wrong with our climate. No wonder paracetamols are a hit nowadays. Good thing I was dressed for both.

I love the skirt I'm wearing for two reasons: 1) it's pink and 2) I got it for 90% off. I bought it at IT Store, which does not sell any electronic stuff, at Citygate Mall in Hong Kong. The print on the waist is also cute.

I had difficulty explaining to Lizzy why I had to have my photo taken that she even asked me if it was my first time there. ROFL. I don't go to The Fort often though. Most of the time I'm there it's either because I'm running or I was signing up for a run. Oh and yes when I was doing my grocery duties for the office. Good thing that when we transferred to the new office, the grocery was just in front of it.

I feel like we're growing old up. We used to obsess about clothes, accesories and shoes (well yeah we still do) but now we are getting excited in decorating our own homes. I'm far from having my own space though. We are now loitering inside home furnishing stores. Speaking of, this chair is interesting but what the hell is so special with it that it is priced PhP 30,000?!

I think the Philippine weather nowadays is just as unpredictable as the vehicle traffic along EDSA. How about you? How do you dress yourself for it?

tank top: Bench Body
cardigan: Tomato
skirt: Cacharel
shoes: Shoe Gallery
accesories: Forever 21 and Jean and Rosz
bag: borrowed from Mom
Photo credits to Banj.

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