16 August 2010

Wouldn't It Be Nice...

...if we all live in peace and harmony.
...if life is all rainbows and butterflies.
...if we could have refrigerators which replenishes itself with chocolates.
...if I could have my own shopping mall so that clothes would never be a problem.
...if all the bills I receive have pictures of people in them. Say Ninoy?

But no. I had to deal with these:

Specimen 1: Telephone Bill. Three months unpaid.

Specimen 2: Credit Card Bill

Well imagine my shock when I saw this graph.

Specimen 3: Water Bill

I downloaded the tariff schedule. I recomputed. No, that's really the scenario.

Still waiting for the other credit card bill; the one where I have to brace myself for about 10 minutes of paralysis when I see the amount written on it.

Oh dear why wasn't I born a haciendera?!

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