28 September 2010

I Knew He Was Too Good to be True

Alrigh. Another hot guy with a high level of estrogen. Come on universe!


 is gay and he's making it public. After his much denial, the hunk finally comes out of the closet with his sex orientation as he's been spotted out and about with his rumored gay partner Luke McFarlane over the weekend. 

Miller and McFarlane have been together for quite a while, but are trying hard to keep their relationship away from public. In fact, the twosome was spotted getting together on Saturday August 25th walking down the streets of LosAngeles and guess what they looked more than just friends. 

Luke McFarlane is the ex-boyfriend of "Grey's Anatomy" star T. R. Knight and is best known for his stint as actor ' boyfriend on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters." He and Miller were first reported dating back in June.

Miller has previously told the press he's not gay, insisted the real reason that he doesn't date is that his hectic shooting schedule doesn't allow him any time. 


There's something wrong with this world. Damn.

25 September 2010

We'll Get Through This

It started out to be a normal Friday, nothing special and nothing extraordinary. I wanted to cap it off with margaritas. It was that simple. Twelve hours later, I realized that it will not end the way I wanted it to. Forgive me for bringing it up but I would not be talking about it here, it's just too complicated and I'd rather figure out what I want to do by myself.

Anyway here's what I wore yesterday.

I haven't felt this messed up for quite sometime now and the familiar twitch in the gut is something I want to get rid of. This is one major hurdle, a test of character, much more a test of relationship. I'm hoping we get past it.

jacket: thrift
top: Forever 21
leggins: Zara
necklace: Tomato
oxfords: Ichigo

Photo credits to Welai.

22 September 2010

Work It

Pardon the emo but today's not a good day.

I've been carrying this weight on my shoulders for quite sometime already; more bad news I can't seem to pinpoint the specific thing that is responsible for this sinking feeling. Or maybe I know what it is, I just don't want to admit to myself that it is the reason. Confused now? Maybe this is just a bad case of mid-year crisis. (Yes, because I should have lived my life to the fullest already by the time I reach 50).

I decided to throw in colors to help lift my mood; might as well look human right? Besides, I'm getting sick of all the blacks and whites that I see on almost everyone at the office.

Pardon the hair. I didn't know that it was that chaotic.
I still have 2 days to pick myself up. I'm hoping that this is just some hormonal mood swing because who wants to feel crappy the whole time anyway? I have a lot of things to think about and sort out; and yeah of course there's this thing called work. Gaaah. Take me to the beach now.

top and skirt: Juana
cardigan: H&M
belt: Celine
shoes: Matthews at CMG
ring: Forever 21

20 September 2010

Tickle Tickle!

As a kid, I grew up in a neighborhood full of plants and all types of flora and fauna. I pity the kids of today who I fear would really have poor social skills and all fat and wimpy when they grow up. I mean where's the fun in playing video games whose characters cannot even utter a single word directly meant for you? I remember playing on the neighbor's backyard and finding delight in stepping on "makahiya" plants which is practically thriving everywhere in the country.
According to wikipedia:
Mimosa pudica (Sensitive Plant) (pudica = shy), is a creeping annual or perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, re-opening minutes later. The species is native to South America and Central America, but is now a pantropical weed.

Then I found this on the internet:

Geez they sell that for $19.99?! Maybe I should just export these plants abroad and I'd probably be filthy rich. Besides, its legal unlike marijuana.

Oh and I'm now in Chictopia!

Find me here: http://www.chictopia.com/joanna_morden

19 September 2010


Gatecrashed a wedding today. No it's not the "Stop the wedding!" gatecrash. It just so happened that I had to accompany someone and I was not originally invited. Or I was told to come months before but the invitation did not reach my hands. Oh well.

I like weddings because they give me reasons to doll up and wear stuff that has not seen the light of day for the longest time.

I wanted to show the locket bracelet I won from Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums with this photo but I think I look pretty awkward in it.

So I did a close-up shot instead.

Weddings never fail to get me teary-eyed, especially when the bride walks down the aisle and her parents wait for her to bring her to the groom waiting at the altar. It is such an emotional scene.

I always say that love does not have happy endings because love does not end. This is not a happily ever after but rather a new chapter which two people united as one will begin to write. One day I hope that I would pick up a pen and start writing one of my own again. 

Cheers to love!

maxi dress: Folded and Hung
flats: Charles and Keith
bag: Mango
earrings: Forever 21
locket bracelet: Aisa of Drowning Eqquilibriums

Photo credits to Mommy Marix.

18 September 2010

Green Green Grass of Home

The boss finally realized that my report is not a high school formal theme composition and gave me the go signal to release it already. Yey! So after that, my brain shut down and became too dysfunctional to string anything into a coherent paragraph.

I'll just post what I was wearing today.

I fit perfectly with the flora and fauna in my so-called girl scout uniform.

Oh and I have a new crush! *blushes* It was just very unfortunate that I ran into him this morning and I looked like trash. Then I saw him again in the evening. Hihi.

dress: Juana
boots: Primadonna
accessories: Forever 21

Photo credits to Welai.

16 September 2010

Shop. Run. Shot.

I've been saying this a lot the past few days. Why? I realized that these are the three things that lift my spirits up whenever the universe plays a joke on me. So that would be my mantra until God knows when.

Tuesday is Ladies Night at Red Box and I went out with Yumi and Mel to bring out my inner Celine Dion at Red Box Karaoke Trinoma. Free entrance for the ladies and all you have to do is consume food and drinks.
Singapore Sling, something Bailey's and something Cosmo-like
The cocktails tasted like cough syrup; all three of them. Red Box has the best fries though! 

I received the following from TNS as my sort of payment for answering their questions and posting it on my other blog (which I opened specifically for that purpose).

From research, I was ecstatic that I could use it at Forever 21. Hmmm...What could I possibly buy?

This is just so prettyyyyyy!!!

Uh no. Those did not cost 400 pesos. The new credit card had to make its debut.

I was supposed to run at ULTRA today but due to unforeseen circumstances. I might just have to postpone it for next week. Hopefully I get to experience the galvanized track by Tuesday.

The bad vibes are slowly dissipating into oblivion. Here's to better days!

15 September 2010

Four (4) Hours

I called in sick this morning because my insomnia and restlessness are getting to be really really bad that I wasn't able to get decent snooze time in two (2) days. I had to get some sleep or else I'd probably collapse inside the MRT; that is if the space permits. I've been feeling pretty disturbed lately because of some information which I would not discuss here. Bad vibes means I had to dress up. I went to work in the afternoon because of darn deadlines.

Due to unforeseen circumstances which translates to last minute work stuff, I was not able to have a decent photo venue. The hallway to the restrooms would have to do.

dress: Landmark
cardigan: Zara
belt and sandals: Celine
bag: Nine West
pearl bracelets: Palawan
Oh and we managed to have one shot taken on the wall with the paintings. Well maybe because most of the people went home already.
I don't know why I look like that.
So what's up with the title? Well, I've learned that in writing numbers in a sentence, you should spell it out if it is from zero to nine. You could write the figure otherwise. 

I'm also wearing purple to be in sync with my report which started out to be pristine black and white but ended up colored upon return to me by the boss. Damn report.

13 September 2010

Foodie: Chocolate Fire

Anybody who does not like chocolate is either: 1) not a member of the human race or 2) really really insane. I mean, chocolate is a happy food and when this much chocolate is set in front of you, the bliss is unexplainable.

I first learned about Chocolate Fire from Banj and Set during one of our coffee sessions. I got even more curious when I read this article from Chuvaness. It is a two-storey restaurant located in Salcedo Village; the building it occupies was formerly a branch of BDO. My first taste of this resto was when I had coffee with Baj last week. I had Iced Mocha with Cappuccino Ice Cream (PhP 185).

I don't know what's so special about it, apart from the chocolate shavings on top, that it's so expensive. The hot version which Banj had was about 50 pesos cheaper.

I returned last Satuday with Ayen and I was able to take more photos.

Oooooh and more more chocolates!
Chocolate barks. Yummeh.
The chocolate barks are sold per gram depending on the kind. I'm pretty intrigued with the Hazelnut with Citrus Bark (Php 160/50g) and the Pistachio Bark (PhP 150/50g). You may buy a combination of barks,  you need not buy 50 grams.

Ayen had a  Banoffee Pie (Php 120).

I like their version better than Starbucks because I find the latter's version too sweet. I had a "mug" of Cappuccino (PhP 115) and a Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie (PhP 55). The cookie coated with dark chocolate was scrumptious but I was hoping for a chewy cookie version though. The cappuccino had chocolate shavings which I thought was a nice touch.

Chocolate Fire does not only serve delectable desserts but savory meals as well. Maybe I'll try that some other time. I really do have a plan to return.

Verdict: 4.5 barks
Chocolate Fire is located at PDCP Building Leviste St. cor. Rufino St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

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