03 September 2010


I think we all want to feel that sense of belongingness. We scramble to fit in. We fight to be accepted. For me it's alright to blend but I'd much rather stand out. It's case to case however; at times it's better to go muted and low profile.

I found this eyecatching wall at EDSA Shangri-La. Joanna + wall = very Where's Wally.

Today was very relaxed since it is Friday and the bosses are not around. this morning I was clad in red wedges but an unfortunate incident happened on my way to work and my shoes decided to give up on me in the middle of the street. Good thing I always have my trusty flip-flops with me or else that would really be embarrassing. I always bring my flipflops since its raining a lot lately and I don't want to ruin my shoes. Where did the flats come from? I happen to have five pairs of shoes under my office desk. I don't actually think that what I am wearing is blog-worthy but I just had to pose by the wall. Hehe.

It was also Jason's last day at work today and we had lunch at Recipes at Shangri-La. Gising-gising, which is baguio beans with pork cooked in coconut milk, was the bomb! I'm really sad that he won't be here on Monday anymore.

Clockwise: Jon, Jason, Bob, Me, Welai, Ate Mayette, Shella

Blue has that calming effect don't you think? I think I would want to plop myself on the floor and stare at something like this whenever I'm stressed to cool me down. It actually gave me an idea on how to paint the walls of my room; but then again my room would probabaly look like a pre-school if I do.

tank top: Her Bench
cropped top: bazaar
jeans: Her Bench
shoes: Steve Madden
accessories: won from a contest

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