13 September 2010

Foodie: Chocolate Fire

Anybody who does not like chocolate is either: 1) not a member of the human race or 2) really really insane. I mean, chocolate is a happy food and when this much chocolate is set in front of you, the bliss is unexplainable.

I first learned about Chocolate Fire from Banj and Set during one of our coffee sessions. I got even more curious when I read this article from Chuvaness. It is a two-storey restaurant located in Salcedo Village; the building it occupies was formerly a branch of BDO. My first taste of this resto was when I had coffee with Baj last week. I had Iced Mocha with Cappuccino Ice Cream (PhP 185).

I don't know what's so special about it, apart from the chocolate shavings on top, that it's so expensive. The hot version which Banj had was about 50 pesos cheaper.

I returned last Satuday with Ayen and I was able to take more photos.

Oooooh and more more chocolates!
Chocolate barks. Yummeh.
The chocolate barks are sold per gram depending on the kind. I'm pretty intrigued with the Hazelnut with Citrus Bark (Php 160/50g) and the Pistachio Bark (PhP 150/50g). You may buy a combination of barks,  you need not buy 50 grams.

Ayen had a  Banoffee Pie (Php 120).

I like their version better than Starbucks because I find the latter's version too sweet. I had a "mug" of Cappuccino (PhP 115) and a Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie (PhP 55). The cookie coated with dark chocolate was scrumptious but I was hoping for a chewy cookie version though. The cappuccino had chocolate shavings which I thought was a nice touch.

Chocolate Fire does not only serve delectable desserts but savory meals as well. Maybe I'll try that some other time. I really do have a plan to return.

Verdict: 4.5 barks
Chocolate Fire is located at PDCP Building Leviste St. cor. Rufino St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

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