01 September 2010

Foodie: Miss Desserts

They claim to have Manila's best cheesecake. Now do they really?

There is this little and quaint dessert place at Serendra called Miss Desserts. It's not your usual coffee place which is infested with a lot of yuppies armed with Macbooks on their hands. It could probably accomodate just about 20 people inside and another 10 outside. Funny though that the girls and I ended up here just because we saw halo-halo written on their board outside and Ria was just craving for it.

I am a cheesecake lover an I am very specific to how I want my slice. It has to be solid and cheesy; I hate those creamy ones because I feel cheated on the cream cheese. Besides, I never liked cream anyway. After thorough deliberation and scrutiny of the menu, we finally decided on what we were going to have.

Well of course Ria had to have her halo-halo, which is by the way humongous, while Lizelle had the Pecan-Caramel Cheesecake. Ria was not very happy with her dessert and said that Chowking's was better. I don't know about that because I do not even like Chowking halo-halo and if that one's better then this is bad. But then again Ria has been out of the country and she would be the type who would appreciate Chowking. The cheesecake is goooooood! Although it was very small. See picture for comparison. You could probably finish the cake in four bites so tip: to enjoy it tremendously, nibble on it bit by bit.

Banj and I decided to split on the Fantasia, which is pure chocolate goodness. It had a chocolate cookie crust with chocolate mousse, pecans and syrup drizzled on top. Ria didn't like it and I did. We really do have different tastebud configurations in my opinion.

Miss Desserts have delectable cheesecakes but I think they are slightly overpriced. The house specialties are the Belgian Chocochips and White Macadamia cheesecakes. As for the regular cakes, try the Choco Earthquake. They offer sugar-free variants too. Why don't you give it a try and pair their cakes with coffee or tea and bring a friend along?

Miss Desserts is located at Serendra (near the Bonifacio High Street Side). Find the menu here.

Verdict: 3.5 spoons

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