15 September 2010

Four (4) Hours

I called in sick this morning because my insomnia and restlessness are getting to be really really bad that I wasn't able to get decent snooze time in two (2) days. I had to get some sleep or else I'd probably collapse inside the MRT; that is if the space permits. I've been feeling pretty disturbed lately because of some information which I would not discuss here. Bad vibes means I had to dress up. I went to work in the afternoon because of darn deadlines.

Due to unforeseen circumstances which translates to last minute work stuff, I was not able to have a decent photo venue. The hallway to the restrooms would have to do.

dress: Landmark
cardigan: Zara
belt and sandals: Celine
bag: Nine West
pearl bracelets: Palawan
Oh and we managed to have one shot taken on the wall with the paintings. Well maybe because most of the people went home already.
I don't know why I look like that.
So what's up with the title? Well, I've learned that in writing numbers in a sentence, you should spell it out if it is from zero to nine. You could write the figure otherwise. 

I'm also wearing purple to be in sync with my report which started out to be pristine black and white but ended up colored upon return to me by the boss. Damn report.

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