19 September 2010


Gatecrashed a wedding today. No it's not the "Stop the wedding!" gatecrash. It just so happened that I had to accompany someone and I was not originally invited. Or I was told to come months before but the invitation did not reach my hands. Oh well.

I like weddings because they give me reasons to doll up and wear stuff that has not seen the light of day for the longest time.

I wanted to show the locket bracelet I won from Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums with this photo but I think I look pretty awkward in it.

So I did a close-up shot instead.

Weddings never fail to get me teary-eyed, especially when the bride walks down the aisle and her parents wait for her to bring her to the groom waiting at the altar. It is such an emotional scene.

I always say that love does not have happy endings because love does not end. This is not a happily ever after but rather a new chapter which two people united as one will begin to write. One day I hope that I would pick up a pen and start writing one of my own again. 

Cheers to love!

maxi dress: Folded and Hung
flats: Charles and Keith
bag: Mango
earrings: Forever 21
locket bracelet: Aisa of Drowning Eqquilibriums

Photo credits to Mommy Marix.

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