05 September 2010

The Girl at the Corner Table

Yesterday, I was waiting for Yumi at a coffee shop so that we would go to Ela's party together. I ordered a Mochaccino at the counter and plopped myself at a corner table. It did not take long before I got engaged in the conversation happening on the table at the other corner. I was not eavesdropping; their conversation was loud enough for anyone inside that small nook to hear.

There were two women having coffee and cake; girl 1 was confiding about a blurry relationship (if you could call it that) with a guy who happens to have a girlfriend of 9 years. She's happy and yet she's hurting but she does not want to ask what is there. She's too afraid to ask what is there because of the uncertainty of the answer. She knows it's wrong and wherever she is, it's not her rightful place to be; but she's happy. Girl 2 is the ever supportive but would slap you on the face kind of friend. She delivered the cliche "You'd rather have it like this than lose him completely. If ever you ask and the answer is negative, you'd hurt but at least you'd know." Girl 2 assures girl 1 that there is something more than friendship existing between them. Girl 1 continues to doubt; she has every reason to.

At my corner I found myself looking down at my coffee while smiling. Now why is this all too familiar?

Enough drama. I'm alright now; I just found it eerily funny how someone's life could be so much parallel to mine. Ela's birthday yesterday was fun, fun, fun! It's scary that it actually took me sometime to decide what to wear to a videoke place (to which Bob replied "Oh no it's the end of the world!" *rolls eyes*). Well, the weather happens to be really schizophrenic too you know.

It was so fun bonding with college orgmates after a looooong time of not seeing them.

with the birthday girl
pretty sisses

Oh and I loved Yumi and I's nail polish colors. They're so cuuuute!

It's been two years and there's no turning back now. I have friends who have helped me make it through it. They love me and I love them; and of course thank God for malls.

top: Mango
blazer and shoes: thrift
shorts: customized
earrings: Inches
necklace: bought from a friend

Photo credits to Yumi.

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