16 September 2010

Shop. Run. Shot.

I've been saying this a lot the past few days. Why? I realized that these are the three things that lift my spirits up whenever the universe plays a joke on me. So that would be my mantra until God knows when.

Tuesday is Ladies Night at Red Box and I went out with Yumi and Mel to bring out my inner Celine Dion at Red Box Karaoke Trinoma. Free entrance for the ladies and all you have to do is consume food and drinks.
Singapore Sling, something Bailey's and something Cosmo-like
The cocktails tasted like cough syrup; all three of them. Red Box has the best fries though! 

I received the following from TNS as my sort of payment for answering their questions and posting it on my other blog (which I opened specifically for that purpose).

From research, I was ecstatic that I could use it at Forever 21. Hmmm...What could I possibly buy?

This is just so prettyyyyyy!!!

Uh no. Those did not cost 400 pesos. The new credit card had to make its debut.

I was supposed to run at ULTRA today but due to unforeseen circumstances. I might just have to postpone it for next week. Hopefully I get to experience the galvanized track by Tuesday.

The bad vibes are slowly dissipating into oblivion. Here's to better days!

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