07 September 2010

Training Day

I'm back at my beloved MegaPlaza for a 3-day training. How I missed this building: the elevators, the popping of ears while going up the elevators, the canteen and the guards even. Those were the days. *sigh*

I'm doing this Kepner-Tregoe training which supposedly would help me in problem solving and decision making. I was supposed to take it last year but due to unforeseen circumstances (that is my colleague resigning), I had to forgo it to meet my deadlines; little did I know that it was expensive and the HR people were probably fuming mad when I called to cancel. Well, I'm enjoying it so far but this afternoon I got a little bored.

I actually thought that this workshop would be a breeze and that I would be on vacation but that was wishful thinking. We were actually given 2 very thick books to work on, which I don't plan to read outside office hours. That's how diligent I am. Well the trainor's giving out prizes to teams which would top the activities if that would help. I'm relying on my teammates to win The Pepperidge Farm cookies; we won the Chips Ahoy earlier. Yey!

Oh well, I'm sleeping now because people who come in late perform in front of the class. I'm betting that I'm gonna be singing again tomorrow. Sheesh.

top: thrift
leggings: Zara
belt: YRYS
shoes: VNC
rings: Forever 21

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