25 September 2010

We'll Get Through This

It started out to be a normal Friday, nothing special and nothing extraordinary. I wanted to cap it off with margaritas. It was that simple. Twelve hours later, I realized that it will not end the way I wanted it to. Forgive me for bringing it up but I would not be talking about it here, it's just too complicated and I'd rather figure out what I want to do by myself.

Anyway here's what I wore yesterday.

I haven't felt this messed up for quite sometime now and the familiar twitch in the gut is something I want to get rid of. This is one major hurdle, a test of character, much more a test of relationship. I'm hoping we get past it.

jacket: thrift
top: Forever 21
leggins: Zara
necklace: Tomato
oxfords: Ichigo

Photo credits to Welai.

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