22 September 2010

Work It

Pardon the emo but today's not a good day.

I've been carrying this weight on my shoulders for quite sometime already; more bad news I can't seem to pinpoint the specific thing that is responsible for this sinking feeling. Or maybe I know what it is, I just don't want to admit to myself that it is the reason. Confused now? Maybe this is just a bad case of mid-year crisis. (Yes, because I should have lived my life to the fullest already by the time I reach 50).

I decided to throw in colors to help lift my mood; might as well look human right? Besides, I'm getting sick of all the blacks and whites that I see on almost everyone at the office.

Pardon the hair. I didn't know that it was that chaotic.
I still have 2 days to pick myself up. I'm hoping that this is just some hormonal mood swing because who wants to feel crappy the whole time anyway? I have a lot of things to think about and sort out; and yeah of course there's this thing called work. Gaaah. Take me to the beach now.

top and skirt: Juana
cardigan: H&M
belt: Celine
shoes: Matthews at CMG
ring: Forever 21

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