23 October 2010

The 22nd of October

It has been raining really hard the past couple of days, literally and figuratively. I have a love-hate relationship with the rain. I mean I love sleeping and practically gluing myself to my bed on chilly nights but going to work while the heavens are pouring could be such a pain in the bum. I would like to acknowledge Typhoon Juan for gifting me with cough right now.

Okay let's move to the figurative part. I've been slipping and slipping away from my sanity due to the continuous picking on me by the universe: the ebay scam, the chummy and annoying physician (stick to the physical exam doc would you?), dysmenorrhea and the icing on the cake was the announcement of my totally hazy future. This all happened in two days and that was more than enough dosage of bad stuff that I can take.

Commercial: Thanks to Bob who was there to keep me company and gave me a sanity check via Lechon Kawali and bottles of Super Dry. You're the bessssssst!

Wednesday and Thursday was boring save for the constant bleeding of my body orifices from editing papers that gave me the most absurd migraine ever. I was looking forward to Friday because 1) this marks the start of a boring but still a long weekend and 2) because this day would be eventful.

After 48 years, Angel, MJ, Jee Jean and I were finally able to have lunch. MJ brought along their new teammate, Jernel who was not talking at all. It's just funny how I got close to this group considering that we came from different departments; but I love this bunch because I laugh so hard when I'm with them that my stomach hurts.

pig, cow, goat and dog. JOKE!

Friday was also my friend Al's wedding to his girlfriend, and now wife, Jen. Weddings are always  celebrations of love and happiness. I wish that for them both. Well, Al and I go a loooong way and seeing him tie the knot and being part of this chapter of his life makes me really giddy.
Internal Audit team with the newlyweds
fancy Japanese lanterns
Woot mobile bar!

I had to make wardrobe changes since I wouldn't want to be in a maxi dress the whole day. I was planning on wearing the top as a dress but I changed my mind because I might die of hypothermia at the office. The elephant necklace made its debut in the morning.

tunic: H&M
jacket: Old Navy
leggings: Zara
necklace: Yhansy
flats: Celine
Another thing I like about weddings is that they give me opportunities to wear clothes that has not seen the light of day for the longest time. I have worn this dress only once; and that was exactly a year ago.
maxi dress: Bisou Bisou
flats: Celine
Now I'm going to lounge around and watch movies and catch up on my series for the rest of the weekend. Comatose mode on 'til further notice.

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