28 October 2010

But Wait There's More

And you thought that my shopping posts were over? Not quite. My mom is just the best, and worst, partner in crime when it comes to shopping because she does not stop me from buying stuff. The shopping gene? I definitely got that from her.

Bayo at Trinoma was also holding their end of season sale and I got a blazer and belt at 50% off:
See the floral details? Cuteee!

The belt was size small and I was kind of ambitious in buying it but I figured that since it was garter then maybe it would loosen up someday. (Haha someday talaga.)

Well my mom and I decided to have a break and headed to the new place of Red Mango at the mall. Good thing they decided to relocate, their nook at the 3rd level could not really hold all froyo fanatics. The case will either be 1) if you have just arrived, you would have to scout for an empty table and be quick at that and 2) if you're the one eating, you cannot really stay longer for chitchat because customers who have just arrived are like vultures preying on your table.
12 hours with mom: bad for the pocket; good for the heart.
I also bought skinny work pants from Maldita. I've been on the hunt for it for the longest time and when I saw it and it fitted me well, and being the last in my size, I bought it right away. Being cursed with birthing hips, buying pants could really be awfully difficult.
That doesn't look right.
Funny. Thirty minutes to mall closing, we realized that we haven't had dinner yet. Now we all know where my "Shopping is priority. Eating is optional." mantra came from. I was trained well.

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