25 October 2010

Empowered by Citi!

Mama and I headed to the PICC Forum Tent 3 for the SSI Supersale by Citibank. SSI stands for Store Specialists Inc.which handles major signature brands like Prada, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Burberry among others. It also brought Gap and Zara in the Philippines and is the concept behind Beauty Bar. The sale went on from October 21 to 24 exclusively for Citibank cardholders. Those who do not have Citibank cards need to apply for the Rustan's Citibank card then pay in cash.

Oh and my favorite area:
I was able to score major steals from this sale. I did not go for the signature items though, I still can't fathom me having to spend 5 digits on a pair of shoes or a bag.
Zara knit dress - P995 from 2750
Gap sweater - P990 from P1950
(I could totally see this one with my denim shorts and flats)
Gap long-sleeved shirt - P895 from P2250

It was such a bummer that Beauty Bar did not have anything that I fancy nor did the Rustan's cosmetics section which carries Nars and Laura Mercier. I also applied for another Citibank card in order to get a Longchamp LM Metal Handbag.

Well, I'm not really getting this one for free; being an existing cardholder, I would have to pay P396 per month for 12 months which totals to P4752. This bag retails for P8650, for that it's not bad! Besides that would be the only thing that I would charge to my card and after that I would have it cut.

The shopping for the day does not end here. Read about it on my next entry. Tata!

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