11 October 2010

Fountains, Sandwiches and Chillet.

Yesterday was 10.10.10. Okay I don't get all the fuss about that but yesterday was special because my friend Cherrys opened Chillet at LB Square which is a hub of bars and restos that is a few meters away from the UPLB campus. I dragged myself to LB for this because 1) I love Che and 2) I have been feeling depressed lately that I just needed to seek comfort (again) in the arms of Maria Makiling. Chillet is a combination of the names of Cherrys and her sister-in-law, Millet.

The food is really good and reasonably priced; and I am not saying this because she's my friend but because THAT IS THE TRUTH. Here's a photo of my scrumptious Roast Beef Sandwich (PhP 89) before I devoured it.
See? Sulit sa filling!
Basically they serve gourmet sandwiches, pasta and salads but what do I think is the selling point of this place? The frozen yogurt! Froyo is big here in Manila and to bring it to LB is just genius. Well, yeah Cherrys graduated Magna Cum Laude so what the hell do we expect? Froyo is P35/serving plus add 10 pesos for toppings such as bluebberies, strawberries or peaches. I am a big froyo fan (and critique at that) and for this ridiculously inexpensive price, Chillet's froyo tastes good. Tart but not overpowering. Come on it's 35 pesos! Trust me this will be a hit.

Since we are fabulous friends, we decided to model the interiors of the place; well basically we just had nothing better to do.

The bar. Yehess.
Xy modeling the menu
Raqy and the blinds. Pun intended. Haha.
Wish upon a peanut lamp
I had to post this because we were graced by the presence of Winston. Even if it was just 30 minutes. We were so blessed. LOL. Peace Wins :P
Smoking area...or when-there's-no-more-room inside area
Since Cherrys was busy attending to her customers (and being chummy to the competition who was so engrossed in getting customers to their side), Raqy, Xy and me decided to stroll inside the campus and see what's new. To my surprise we saw the following:
Concrete pavement in front of the Oblation statue
Benches at the back of the Humanities building
Concrete pavement near Mariang Banga
Benches near Mariang Banga (yes tambayan na siya kamown)

But this was just hilarious.

My god, the dormitories are running out of water and you get to put up a fountain? It's not even pretty! But then since this was so epic, we needed to have a monumental souvenir shot.

Anyway here's what I wore for the day:
top: thrift
shorts: Juana
flats: Syrup at People are People
faux pearls: 168 mall
earrings: Yhansy

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