17 October 2010

Is this for Real?

Today was the birthday party and baby shower of my friend Nax held at Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe at C-5. Being not familiar with places that cannot be reached by jeeps, buses and MRT, it was a challenge for me to find this place. I have always been good with directions but somehow when the heavens decided to unleash its fury and released God-knows-how-much cubic meters of rain, this complicated the situation. What I remembered from Nax's instructions was that it was at SM Hypermarket and in front of Tiendesitas so I hailed a cab at Shangri-La mall (and I was without an umbrella) and went to SM hypermarket. The taxi driver almost did not make the turn so I had no choice but to get off near the entrance without a roof. When I asked the security guard where Mom and Tina's was, he told me that there was no establishment of that name in the area. I pranced around and looked at the glass window facing C-5 and kaboom. There was the cafe at the other side of the road. Now I remember what the directions were: along C-5 IN FRONT of SM Hypermarket near Tiendesitas. Stupid Joanna.

Anyway since it was still raining, I decided to buy an umbrella and walk towards the place since I was running late. Only for you Nax will I get soaked under the pouring rain...only for you.

Food was great and even though I knew no one, I had a good time talking to new people and playing the games. Ha! I aced the nursery rhymes game and now let's all sing Little Miss Muffet. I got the following as souvenirs:
a pouch which turns into a...

Yey for the plus one!
kikay bag holder
After that I was supposed to get a cab back to Shangri-La but by some divine intervention, a fx passed in front of me which was going to Megamall. I figured since I was there anyway, might as well check the sale which was happening this weekend. 3 hours later and I left the mall with nothing on hand. Zero. Nil. It was either the clothes were too loose or too tight or that no pair of shoes were available in my size or that I was not really solved in what I had on hand. Well I did get to bring something home but it was from a different mall. I was looking around at Shang for a gift for Nax when I passed by Yhansy and saw a very huge sale sign at their door. I got the following items at 25% off:

charm bracelet

I finally got the elephant!!!

For every PhP200 purchase you get to buy this headband, originally priced at PhP 200 at PhP50.

Is it a sign of maturity? That I don't purchase something just because it is a bargain but do not really like it? Wow.

But then again maybe because while scouting for good finds, I was thinking of how large my credit card balance is at the moment. I could actually picture my bill while looking at the price tags. Yeah that's probably it. Carry on friends. The world is still not about to end.

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