31 October 2010

Merienda Cena

One of our bosses invited us to her house for the celebration of her 54th birthday. She sent an email saying that it was a merienda cena and we are expected to be there at 3:00 PM. The weather being hot, I decided to show up in shorts.

Imagine our surprise when we arrived at her house and the place was clad in ribbons. This was no small affair! No complaints here; we are fans of free food anyway.
Bob said I should've cropped this one...without the boss. :P
It was just a smorgasbord of fun, irritation and shock with Welai ending a night with a bang. Hahaha! Oh and Bob's rendition of Take That's "Back for Good" was just haunting; timely for Halloween. Haha love you dude. :P

I was actually regretting wearing shorts because mosquitoes feasted on my poor legs that I had to stop socializing to lessen the risk of getting dengue. I was asked to bring my Magic Sing (which was not used at all) so I had to bring a big bag. I love this bag to bits. My friend Ann has the same; we got it at Bugis Market at downtown Singapore.
don't you just love the vintage feel?
I have this dogtag for 9 years now. It was given to us when we graduated from high school and I'm so effin' proud to be an owner of one.
yeah I did!
I had to wear sunnies because of the drinking blast the night before and my poofy eyes are just so...poofy. Thank heavens it was sunny and I could get away with wearing them. Pardon the wall (and the faucet) I had no place to take photos. Haha.
top: Gap
shorts: Mango
bag: Singapore
sunnies: Fly
flats: Celine

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