31 October 2010

One Bacardi, Two Bacardi, Three Bacardi...Floor!

I was so hyped up last Friday because the girls and I were going to meet up to celebrate Ana's engagement and Ria's birthday. Oh and to save me from drowning from the ocean of stress. Gaah getting a cab on a Friday night could be such a pain on the bum; it took me an hour before I was able to get in front of the taxi queue at Shangri La mall. That was how horrifying the experience was.

I got to Eastwood City an hour and a half late and since I was starving to death, the moment I got hold of Banj and Giulia we headed for Stackers Burger Cafe because I was dreaming of burgers the whole week and along with Army Navy, they have the best for me.
Stack Cheeseburger (PhP 118 + 60 for fries and soda)
Fish and chips. Dunno the price.
Well the main point of this dinner was to see Ana's ring. Boy was the diamond huge.

Now here comes the happy part. It was all our first time to drink at The Distillery which is a haven for alcoholics. They offer a wide array of choices for beer, vodka, tequila; well basically everything that could ruin your functioning liver. Ana was even able to find German beer.
Can't get a decent angle from where I was sitting. Crap.
The alcoholic's wishlist in a fridge
We started out really sane.

But after this...
Bacardi Limon (PhP700 for 750 mL; Php100 for Sprite)
and this...
Bacardi Gold (PhP600 for 750 mL; PhP100 for Coke)
...certain things happened.

The Distillery is such a happy place because
1. the crowd is good;
2. the music is interesting (think Michael Jackson, ABBA and Bruno Mars played in an hour); and
3. the alcohol is cheap!

From now on this is going to be our default alcohol place and I carve that in stone!

Since I knew it was going to be a night out, I made sure to dress up a bit.
top: Greenhills
skirt: Tomato
blazer: thrift
shoes: Ichigo
necklace: bought from a friend
earrings: Yhansy

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