03 October 2010

Revisiting Greenhills

My college roomie, Dyna, asked me to bring her to a tiangge. We would have wanted to go to 168 Mall in Manila but it was so much of a hassle that we opted to go to Greenhills instead. Stupid me, I brought a camera along but since I was so engrossed with shopping I was not able to take any pictures. Nor was I able to have our picture taken while we were eating because I was so famished. Anyway, funny thing was, I ended up buying more stuff than her.

I don't want to spend much on office clothes even though I am in them most of the time. Well it's a good thing that I discovered Juana, which I first encountered in 2007 when I was just building the corporate section of my closet. They have 3 stores at 168 Mall and it's just very good that they are now more accessible at Shoppesville Mall at Greenhills. Their clothes are really nice and the prices are just fabulously inexpensive!

I love high-waisted skirts (actually high-waisted anything) because they define the curves of the body, especially women like me who have birthing hips. I think they look sexy. :)

I also got this top with lace details. That's navy blue by the way.

I bought other things at the mall as well. I just can't resist to buy these shoes at half the original price. The brand is called Catch and can be found in Manel's,

I needed to buy eyeliner because I wrecked the one that I have. This is my 4th of this one so I must be really really loving it. I prefer dark brown eyeliner better than the black one. The black reminds me of Twilight and I hate that movie.

And I'm proud to say that I did not swipe today; I paid in cash. :p

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