19 October 2010


This is difficult for me to write because I know that this was all my fault and I am letting the world know how stupid I was. But then I know that I have to share this so that people would not have to go through the same thing I went through. Gist of the story? I got scammed at ebay and the seller ran off with my money. I have been transacting and buying stuff at ebay for 4 years now and I haven't had any problems until now. I have bought items such as phone, bags, clothes, bikini and others. I follow 2 simple rules in online shopping. first that the seller must have more than 50 feedbacks; and second, that the seller must have a bank account. I broke my own rules and look what it cost me? I'll give you the timeline of events:

October 9, Saturday
I won the bid for the following items from seller fairladies. The seller only has 4 positive feedbacks but I continued to transact with her.

The seller sent an invoice thru email and the items amounted to PhP 2,315 with postage. I was in communication with her thru this number: 09165430765. She also wrote that her name is Jennifer Ng Sy and her address is at 44 Barangay Pagudpud, Nasugbu, Batangas. Upon checking on the internet, I became doubtful because there is no such barangay located at Nasugbu but being unfamiliar with the place, I shrugged it off.

October 11, Monday
I made my GCash payment at Globe SM Megamall and sent a mesage to her. She confirmed that payment has been received and that the items would be shipped the following day via Air 21. I told her to ship the items to the office and gave her the address.

October 13, Wednesday
The seller sent a generic message (I suppose for everyone who won the bids) that there was no available large pouch at Air21 in Nasugbu and that she would have to go back this afternoon. Come afternoon, she said that the items have been shipped already and provided a tracking number.

October 14 and 15, Thursday and Friday
I was sent to Camarines Sur for fieldwork so I had no way of checking if the items arrived. I would have to wait until the following Monday.

October 18, Monday
No package arrived and I rang the sellers phone. It was dead. I checked her ebay account and her feedbacks were set to private already. I knew that moment that I had been scammed. Goodbye money.

October 19, Tuesday
I sent a report to ebay and "opened a case."

I'm planning to go to Globe tomorrow and file a formal complaint. There is a slim chance that I would get my money back and I'm not really hoping for that but if this bogus seller would be caught, then I would be happy that she would not be able to victimize other people. So if you are planning to buy items online, buy from sellers who have bank accounts because you have to submit the necessary documents in order to open one. Also, transact with those that have built their reputations online. This was kind of a traumatic experience for me and I would have to wait before I overcome this fear of online shopping.

Be cautious everyone. I hope nothing like this would happen to you.

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