29 October 2010

Semi-Free Buys

So I got my quarterly Sodexo gift passes from TNS (from this writing thing that I do for them) about 3 weeks ago and I was not sure where I would be using it. I actually thought of buying shoes but thought against it because the idea just bored the hell out of me. Hair treatment maybe? I discarded that also because I'm trying to give my hair a break from chemical stuff.

Then one day, my earphones broke down. There problem solved. I did add PhP 400 for it though.
Yes it just had to be pink.
I consider earphones as necessity nowadays because:

1) I cannot run without listening to something. I don't know if it's just psychological but I get tired easily because I have nothing else to think about; and

2) It filters out unnecessary noises (e.g. the noisy secretary in front of our department) in the office.

Also, it was only recent that I discovered that apart from the movie tickets and Krispy Kreme donuts, I could use my Citibank charge slips as discount vouchers at Mercury Drug and Rustan's. Well, I could use it at Shell as well but duh. Company loyalty here.

Remember the Stila cosmetic set I got online months ago? Well I haven't gotten around to uying a pan for the eyeshadows so they stayed on their cheapo plastic containers up until the other day. I was just fearing for their lives that I finally transferred them into a much more conducive home.
empty pan
kitten, teal, wheat, coco (can't remember exactly the name of this one)
I find the pan expensive; PhP695 for an empty pan come one! I used two charge slips to get PhP200 off. Darn I can't use more thatn that for more discount. But then if I don't buy this one, then where would I put my shadows? They were practically crying for a relocation.

On other matters...


Have a great one! Love you!

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