09 October 2010

That Little Shop Called Yhansy

I discovered Yhansy by accident when I was killing time inside Shangri-la mall one weeknight. I was pretty impressed with the accesories that they carry; they were not that expensive but they are unique. I asked the saleslady and she told me that their accessories come from outside the country. I had difficulty choosing what to get. Pardon the not so sharp photos; I used my phone camera just so the saleslady would not stop me from taking pictures. :)

pretty earrings
cute clutches

I love the bangles!

As much as I wanted to buy everything, I limited myself to getting only 2 button earrings; and I am very proud of myself.
Both at 170 each.
I'm going back there one of these days because i'm lusting after this elephant necklace and a set of bangles. Anyway, I ran out of face powder so I got this from Beauty Bar.

This is my fourth already. I love this one (ain't that obvious?)

The shopping was triggered by yet another anxiety attack. I was home Friday night, which is really a bummer, and I pacified my negative thoughts with these:

Junk food the best.
Glee and Heineken. Odd but works. 

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