07 November 2010

The Birthday Dress

I seriously had no plans of celebrating my birthday but the girls just would not let that happen. The original plan was to go videoke at Music 21, clubbing for free drinks at Attica then more booze at The Distillery. I was on leave that day with plans of having a nice lunch alone, buying a birthday dress and renewing my driver's license. I have lots of clothes but I wasn't quite solved with what I currently have in my closet. There's just nothing suitable for clubbing.

I had a few hours to look for a dress because I was hoping that I could renew my license the same day. I went to The Ramp at Trinoma and found 7C which sells way way affordable clothes. I found my birthday dress in minutes.
dress: 7C at The Ramp
belt: Celine
shoes: Catch
accesories: Forever 21,  Jean and Ross and Yhansy
There were a couple of mishaps that happened along the way. I got soaked in the pouring rain on the way to our hotel, The Malayan Plaza (because I did not think that it would rain) and because of that, I was not able to renew my license. Giulia's car skidded and found it's way to somebody else's bumper so we had no car that night. Ana got stuck at White Plains and it took her an hour to get a cab. To top this all off, we were not able to make it to Music 21 and our reservation got cancelled. Darn, I would have wanted to hear Ana belt out her singing prowess after sessions of voice lessons.

Well so much for our dosage of bad luck. We managed to reach Attica and partied the night away!
Office Boys :D
Pisay girls. I love them! 
The girls and I were checked in at a hotel because of our freaking low corporate rates. Thank you Petron. The room was really nice and it was so well worth the money!

Okay after party story. We decided to move the party at the hotel. For some reason, Joanne's trunk was just full of stuff. It's like 7-11 on wheels. Seriously.
I forgot to take a pic of the Cossack bottles but there were!
We were all starving and because of that we were able to come up with a fabulous concoction: Yakisoba with Mayoed Corned Tuna. It's the best!!! Oh and props to the girls who were writing on my birthday card while I was there. Kudos Ana for the DIY birthday card! Also thanks to Kelly and Joyce for a scrumptious Sugarhouse birthday cake! It's just heaven!

Well I was the only one who took a taste of the Bailey's because well they were all zonked out to care; especially Joanne who murdered Kim Chiu. I swear we turned the whole place around looking for that magazine and it turned out that Joanne was sleeping on it. Poor Kimmy.
Bagsak na si Loida

Last year I chose to celebrate my birthday on my element, the water. Boracay is nice no doubt, but nothing beats welcoming another year with friends and being surrounded by love. I am truly blessed and happy. Thank you everyone for a fabulous night! looking forward to more booze with you all! Cheers!
Good job on the positioning guys *clap clap*

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