09 November 2010

The Birthday Post Awards

You know I got some huge cloud of love the other day and about 170 posts on my facebook wall. It's just so funny that nobody greets you personally anymore; everything that is current is on facebook. EVERYTHING. I'm really thankful for everyone and I do love you all but I just have to commend these posts that just stood out:

I remember Tye because I unleashed all my fury on him when he was an applicant of my organization and that time I was already an alumnus. I had no business being bitchy, but hell yeah, it was fun. Oh and to rub more salt to his wound, I was not able to sign his sig sheet. Sorry bro.

Belle shares the same birthday with me. People born on the 5th of November are just beautiful. Period.

Just because she complimented my picture so Pia's on the list. :P

Angge used to ransack my toiletries back in college days when she needed to get home not reeking of cigarette smoke so that there's no proof that she went out partying. Don't we just all hate the smell of cigarette on our hair especially if you haven't tried puffing one?

Any excuse for shopping is good and Leah has been a follower of the misadventures of my closet.

I miss Sandy a lot.

Medy started to be a fan of my wall posts because she finds me amusing. I don't know if that's good or bad though but I find it funny whenever she squeezes information about my lovelife from me. What's more hilarious is she insists that I have this thing with a boy who is seven years younger than me. I'm too young to be a cougar. Come on.

Wena has been a witness to a tremendous amount of heartaches and emo moments back in college. She was living with me after all. Though she has been through a lot, she still manages to be a very good, and bitchy in a good way, friend. Oh yeah that's my wish for me this year too.

Well but nothing tops the creativity and aaaaw factor of this one.
I still stand by what I believe. Hindi ako iyakin!!!

Nuff said. :)

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