14 November 2010

Burgoo's Marvelous Combo

I haven't treated my family out for my birthday yet and I was thinking of hitting two birds with one stone: to find a place which would not submerge me in deeper debt (I love you 13th month pay!) and to have something to write about. As I was walking around the mall earlier today, I happened to pass by this stand:

I figured that wow, this is a very good deal as large entrees at Burgoo are about PhP400+ so I decided that this is the perfect place to treat my family to dinner. Aside from the dishes pictured, you may also choose from the following:

I chose Extra Supreme Nachos, Shrimp Arrabiata and Chicken Barbecue. The combo goes with a pitcher of soda of your choice as well. I added Sta. Fe Spring Rolls just because I was curious how it tasted (and because it has the seal of approval on the menu). While waiting for my mom and sisters, and the food, I took snaps of the place.

I find the concept of using paper as a table cover brilliant, you can doodle while waiting or even create a work of art. Our server wrote his name on it so that we won't forget. I just wish he did not use a shortcut. It's his name for heaven's sake; or maybe it's just me because I have this problem with using "X" to shorten "Christ". Anyway, so much for pondering on that, the food finally arrived. Yey!
Sta. Fe Spring Rolls - PhP245 (regular) and PhP395 (large)
These babies are yummy! It's basically like your average lumpiang togue (bean sprouts) but with Monterey Jack Cheese, cilantro (this gave it a kick) and corn. It went perfectly well with the ginger sesame dressing.

Extra Supreme Nachos - PhP245 (regular) and PhP425 (large)
Plus points for the cheese sauce, but other than that there's really nothing extraordinary about these nachos. It's...uhmmm...nachos.

Shrimp Arrabiata - Php275 (regular) and PhP455 (large)
I was raised thinking that the only way to have pasta was for the noodles so be drenched in red tomato sauce. Maybe that's the reason why my ranking for pasta sauces is tomato-based>pesto>oil>white. I'm not a very big fan of oil-based pasta, most certainly ones with crustaceans, but I liked this one. It was not bland unlike others I have tried wherein the oil was too overpowering that I could feel my tongue slipping on the surface of my teeth. I like the kick that the chili gave because as any of my friends know, I love everything spicy.

Chicken Barbecue - PhP295 (regular) and PhP395 (large)
I had to get chicken for my sister because for her, eating out is equivalent to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Burgoo's Chicken Barbecue is marinated just right and it was not dry unlike other poultry in other establishments (ehem Kenny Rogers ehem) wherein water was certainly essential while eating. It was very tasty and the rice complimented it well.

I must say that this promo was really worth it! You have really good food at a very affordable price. Props to Burgoo for this one, you saved me big time. Now if only you had bigger plates and had spoons on your table.

Verdict: 4 spoons which were lacking on the table setting
Burgoo is located at the 3rd floor of The Block, SM City North EDSA. Other branches can be found at their website: www.burgoo.ph

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