25 November 2010

Canto Fresco and Cafe Lucia at the Tacloban Astrodome

We ended up at Canto Fresco by accident. I was so adamant in looking for Cafe Urbana after reading it on a blog but sadly, I did not know that it has shut down already. I have heard of the Tacloban Astrodome or "Astro" to locals because it was THE gimik place before the development of the strip at Leyte Park. The place could hold around 30 to 40 people. The owners of Canto Fresco and Sunzibar are actually siblings; reason why both have the same interiors.

Now let's talk about the food. The best seller of this place are their pizza and the Pesto Chops. Boy were the porkchops humongous!
Pesto Chops (PhP 130)
I am a fan of their pizza. It's very tasty and the crust was chewy. I hate pizza that's all flour. *ehem Pizza Hut ehem*
16" Beef and Onion (PhP 485)
Their Putanesca was also delish. It was not swimming in oil and the serving was hefty.
Putannesca (PhP 95)
We all had the Green Apple Iced Tea. The green was really soothing to the eye. I found it too sweet for my taste though.

Aside from the good food, the selling point of this restaurant probably would be the  graffiti wall. Of course I just had to write, that's the closest thing I came to vandalism.

This is Edward leaving his souvenir in Tacloban.
Hell yeah. That's 200 pesos baby.
We capped the night off with coffee and cakes at the nearby Cafe Lucia. The ambiance is really good since it was situated by the beach. People also troop here for the free wifi.

I was pretty disappointed with the cheesecakes. They were too gelatinous that I was wondering, where did the cheese go?
Blueberry Cheesecake (PhP 80)
Oreo Cheesecake (PhP 80)
Coffee was mediocre too. Maybe I just had high expectations. Tsss I shouldn't have set the bar to the level of CBTL and Starbucks.
Raspberry Mocha (PhP 100)
The chocolate cake and cappuccino were pretty decent though.
I have no idea how much these cost.
The night ended in a funny anecdote though. We had no idea how to get home, we we just rode a jeep asked the driver where to get off and prayed that he understood our query perfectly. Well we did get to reach to our hotels safe and sound and full.

Canto Fresco: 4 stars
Cafe Lucia: 2 stars (mostly for the ambiance and wifi)

Canto Fresco and Cafe Lucia are located at Real Sagkahan St. Tacloban City, Leyte. 

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