24 November 2010


When I am assigned to go on a field mission, I usually don't bring a lot of clothes aside from two shirtjacks and my Petron polo shirts. I do that so that the person who would fetch me would get to recognize me, even though he does not have the slightest idea how I look like, because of the logo embroidered on my top. Dressing up is just out of the picture because there's just no point in doing so. However, I found myself clad in Gap and Zara on my recent gas girl duty in Tacloban.
polo: Gap
leggings: Zara
belt: YRYS
shoes: Celine
I stayed at Hotel Alejandro even though I could have stayed at my relatives for the duration of my work. It's just that I was there for business and I know that I would not be able to finish what needed to be done had I been with them. The hotel was nothing fancy; I was actually disappointed to the heavens when I found out that they do not even provide complimentary water. Come on. They had a lot of budget for Christmas decors though.

I don't know if I was just starving to death but they I really liked their lasagna. It was cheap, at around 80 I think, but yummy. Anything swimming in pasta sauce is love.

Oh and there was this really pretty cake...
...which tasted really horrible. It reminded me of rubber. I had to exert effort force my fork to slice through the cake. I mean, seriously, you call that a cheesecake??? Props to the cute coffee that had my macchiato in it though.

I actually don't know how to end this and be coherent because right now I'm torn between sleeping and watching America's Next Top Model. I choose to do the latter. Ciao!

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