04 November 2010

I'm CEO, Bitch

Heartbreaks do propel you to be the best don't they? Friends have told me that I look different now, better than how I have been before. That was caused by one hell of a painful experience and the drive for him to regret letting me go. Okay this post is getting lost somewhere. I just want to say thank you Erica Albright for breaking the heart of Mark Zuckerberg and now we have Facebook.

Social Network is the biography of Facebook; how one geek emerged from being a nobody to the world's youngest billionaire. I'm still in awe and shaking my head that we are of the same age. Amazing that guy. I liked that movie. It is no frills, no sappy love story and no violence. The beauty of the story is in its simplicity and the way the details were presented.

So the next time you get your heart broken (and I'm not wishing that for anyone I'm saying just in case), channel your angst and melancholy into something productive and you might just get rich.

I did not realize that what I was wearing to my movie date with my friend Rose was actually CEO mode. Playing the part don't we?
dress: Zara
shoes: Vincci (Malaysia)
necklace: gift from New Zealand
earrings: Yhansy
bag: Nine West
 Code. Cook. Blog.

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