17 November 2010

Just When I Thought

Ingredients for a bawlfest:
4 glasses vadka sprite
2 glasses tequila screwdriver
1 bottle of beer
2 tall glasses of God knows what liquor that is.
an issue without closure

For the first time ever since all the chaos happened, I cried. It's been more than two years and this is the first time that I have shown vulnerability about it. Hopefully, it will be the last.

I have to stand tall and I will do just that. Let me be reminded by my blue suede 4-inch pumps. I admit I still have difficulty walking in these. I actually fear that I would fracture myself if I walk in these for more than an hour. I almost did, twice at that. Practice...more practice.
Notes to self:
1. This should be over by now, for crying out loud.
2. Never mix alcohol again. Ever.
3. Smile.
blazer: Bayo
tank: Her Bench
pants: Maldita
necklace and shoes: Forever 21

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