15 November 2010

New Kid on the Yogurt Block: Yogi Berry

If there's one thing that my family and I share, it would be the same passion for frozen yogurt. After eating out last night, we decided to have dessert at this new yogurt place just across Burgoo called Yogi Berry.

It took me quite sometime to figure out why I the name of this place sounded all too familiar. Then suddenly *kaching*, oh yeah that stuttering bear of the 90s just crossed my mind: Yogi the Bear. How amusing.

Yogi Berry has the same concept as that of Tutti Frutti and Qoola which is self-service yogurt. A cup costs PhP15 per ounce, regardless of toppings, which is cheaper than both though.

They offer different flavors of yogurts such as tart, strawberry, mango, green apple and passionfruit. I found it interesting though that they had cookies and cream. They also offer a variety of toppings ranging from syrups to candies to fruits. I was so giddy filling my cup.

I had a combination of cookies and cream and strawberry yogurt topped with cookie dough, coffee jelly and mangoes. Yeah I know that was weird. What the hell was I thinking combining coffee jelly with mangoes?

I liked the strawberry yogurt although the consistency of Red Mango's or White Hat's is still better. Yogi Berry's has this tendency to be slushy and it lacks creaminess. Although, I still find it above Tutti Frutti on my ranking. I like it that they have more toppings to choose from though. Oh and I like that it's cheap too, my cup was heavy and I was surprised that I only had to pay Php130.

Maybe I'll try the mango yogurt and add brownies or M&Ms on it next time. Haha.

Verdict: 3 cups
Yogi Berry is located at the 3rd floor of The Block, SM City North EDSA.

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