03 November 2010

The Red Cups are Back!

When you start seeing snowflakes and when the place suddenly becomes red, then it only means one thing: It's Christmas season at Starbucks! The red cups and the Christmas pastries are back!

Starting today, November 3, 2010 up to January 5, 2011 you may begin collecting your planner stickers. The 2011 planners come in 3 colors, each with a different feel and texture:

To get a limited edition 2011 planner, you need to avail of 9 Holiday featured beverages and 8 core beverages of your choice. Today's holiday beverages are Peppermint Mocha, Praline Mocha and Toffee Nut. I must admit I am disappointed that Dark Cherry Mocha did not make a comeback. Boohoo.

I am not really a user of Starbucks Planner because I plan to stick with Belle de Jour simply because I like the frilly planner. But since my body runs on 50% water and 50% caffeine, I figured out that might as well collect the stickers and give the planner to my mom. I got my first this afternoon. Yey!
One down :)
I think I might start loitering inside Starbucks for the meantime. The festive and Christmas-y feel just makes me giddy. I love the holidays!
Yey Christmas!

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