11 November 2010

So Much for Surprises

Okay this will be a self-absorbed post.

I am a sucker for surprises and deep inside I am still a child who gets giddy over anything wrapped in frilly colored papers. I get happy in the simplest things especially when they are well thought of. I find joy on short notes or lollipops or notes with lollipops. Ana's birthday card was just really nice and the fact that she poured her creativity to it made it really special. It's just that...it's been so long since I have gotten a present; and hell no Christmases do not count. I mean alright, alright I shouldn't be really expecting anything from anyone it's just that I feel bad that not even my mother bought me a freaking cake on my birthday. Please do not cast stones, this is just how I am feeling in general. Presence is good, but accompanied with presents would make it even better.

So to compensate for that I gifted myself the following for my birthday:
I followed the 3-day rule on this one. I thought about whether I could do my daily activities wearing those and standing four inches above the ground. This is my highest pair so far and walking in these would elevate me to 5'10". I used to care; now I really don't. There is no rule against tall people wearing high heels isn't there? I would just have to practice walking tall.

First, to have a PhP1,500 Citibank charge slip that I can use for discounts at Rustan's and second, because it's adorable.

There, if you don't get anything from friends or family on your birthday then go get yourself a present. That's the perfect excuse to shop without feeling guilt.

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