23 November 2010

Sunzibar Mexican Cafe: Tacloban's Hidden Treasure

I would like to apologize for the lack of update of this site as I have been doing my own version of Amazing Race flying from here to there that I've practically lost track of time. I have been busy to the core and I realized that when I saw my bushy eyebrows and unclipped fingernails.

So what have I been up to lately? Gas girl duty calls and I was thrown to the beautiful place of Tacloban, Leyte and the boring municipality of Amlan, Negros Oriental after. I had to ride four planes in six days, would you believe that? I was just glad that I was given the chance to visit my relatives in Tacloban but whenever I visit them I never get to wander and discover the places around. It was through blogs that I found out about Sunzibar Mexican Cafe and I was determined to try it out. I trooped to the place along with Edward, Kristoffer and Dom who were with me on this leg of the race.

If you are not familiar with the place, Sunzibar could be actually hard to locate as it does not have any noticeable signs outside. Even my cousin who lives there is not aware of its existence. The place is small with just about 12 tables for 2.

The interiors were decorated with paintings that somehow gives this Mexican vibe. I saw one however which I deem is hmmm kind of familiar
Swiper no swiping?
The bestseller of the place is the Rum Ribs (PhP 335) which is good for two persons and comes with two glasses of Redberry Iced Tea (PhP 35). It is one of the best I've tasted for such an inexpensive price.

The three of them also got Chicken Flying South (PhP 105) which is basically diced chicken breast cooked with a Mexican twist. Judging from how they devoured the whole thing with gusto, it was probably good.

Well being not a fan of rice, I had the appetizers and got Garlic Cheese Quesadillas (PhP 85) and Hot Beef Nachos (PhP 125). I was quite disappointed with both as the quesadillas do not have much cheese and the beef on the nachos tasted like something to be paired with rice.

Thinking that what I ordered would not fill me up, I ordered Creamy Tomato Soup (PhP 90) and that was the bomb. I love the taste, the huge serving and the excitement of it. I actually had some boring all-liquid concoction in mind so I was happily surprised when the bowl arrived on our table. I suggest you try this out.

There were hits and misses but then the misses are forgivable. I get giddy with a menu that has a lot to offer and this place did not disappoint. Prices were really reasonable too. Most of all, you would not feel guilty getting all the change from your payment.

Now ain't that sweet?

Verdict: 4 tacos
Sunzibar Mexican Cafe is located at Unit 1 Aquitania Bldg. P. Burgos st., Tacloban City Leyte.

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