28 November 2010

Tacloban Rediscovered

Since my roots are from the capital city of Leyte, I have been to Tacloban countless times already. However, apart from the San Juanico Bridge (the longest bridge in the Philippines which connects the provinces of Leyte and Samar) I haven't had the chance to explore a lot of places there. It's always the case of family affairs and there's just no way we could squeeze some time to loiter around. In my short stint there for work, I managed to do some loitering.

I've been to Rafael's Farm months ago when I went there to visit with my sister last June. The Depot Superintendent brought us there one time for lunch. They are developing the place and I've heard that there are plans of making it a resort of some sort.
people I'm working with
All for PhP220. Yummeh ribs!
Since the SGV people have not been to the San Juanico Bridge yet, we decided to drive and pass by it.
Welcome to Samar!
When I got off from duty and had a day off, I checked out of the hotel and spent a night in my aunt's home where I got to spend time, even if it was short, with my grandmother and cousins.
OMG I am effin' fat here!
After how many years, I finally was able to see Mc Arthur Park. Hello Joe!
Cute cousins Nicole and Lawrence :)
My aunt brought me and my cousins to Leyte Park Hotel for "eat-all-you-can" merienda. For PhP 100, that's not bad. I'm just not a fan of native delicacies though so I was not able to maximize the unlimited supply of snacks. We met up with my other aunt and they brought along my nephew from my cousin Sarah, which is the sister of Nicole and Lawrence, Sean.
I love the kids.
After that we rushed to the airport already because I had to leave for Cebu in about an hour. Well before this ends, outfit shot!
dress as top: Kamiseta
shorts: Black Sheep
belt: Bayo
flats: Celine
*sigh* It was a short trip but I was glad that I was able to visit my relatives for free. Family is love. :)

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