29 November 2010

Twelve Hours in Cebu

My next assignment after Tacloban was Dumaguete but since there was no direct flight, I had to go to Dumaguete via Cebu. I left Tacloban at 5:00PM of Sunday and checked in at Waterfront Hotel Mactan because I had a very early morning flight at 6:30AM the following day. I managed to squeeze in some time to meet up with my cousins who are based in Cebu.
Sarah, me, Diane and Kuya Siegfred
My cousin Siegfred and his girlfriend Diane was also to give me my dress for their wedding. I'm going to be a secondary sponsor there so I'm going back to Tacloban in January. I was surprised to see that it was also pink like the one I'm wearing for my friend Beth's wedding.

We had dinner at Lemongrass which is one of my favorite restaurants in Cebu. It offers Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.
Pad Thai - PhP 195
Pla Piew Wan (Sweet and Sour Fish) - PhP 285
Bagoong Fried Rice - PhP 145
Kaeng Curry Teng (Chicken Green Curry) - PhP 245
Of course we had to have the signature drink of the place.
Citrus Herb Lemonade - PhP 185
If there is one thing that I really love about Cebu, that would be their cabs. First, a long queue does not mean that you would have to wait in line forever before you could get into a cab because cab lines here really do move fast. Second, Cebuano cab drivers do not take tips out of your own volition and when you pay them in excess, they give you exact change. TO THE LAST PESO. Bravo drivers, bravo!

While waiting for my cousins, I loitered around Rustan's at the Ayala Center and got myself travel stuff. Ironic that I was already smacked in the middle of my trip when I realized that I wanted needed these travel essentials.

I got this shirt organizer which can be really handy and saves space inside your luggage. Plus it separates your soiled clothes from those which are not. One organizer has four flaps.

These caught my attention because of the frilly trimming. That's when I realized that it's high time that I stop using supermarket bags to house my footwear inside my luggage. 
Ain't that maarte?
Now I did that all, dinner and shopping plus travel to the city, in four hours. Amazing right?

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