18 November 2010

Twice Fried Chicken that is Bon Chon

I met up with my cousin Belle yesterday with plans of watching a movie, having coffee and eating at Wee Nam Kee which opened the day before at the Ayala Triangle Garden. Having been so wasted the night before, all I needed was 16 ounces of fuming hot cappuccino and I was good to go. I was so giddy to try out authentic Hainanese Chicken from Singapore so imagine my dismay when we arrived there dinner time and found out that we were 12th in line. I figured, well the place won't be going anywhere and hell no I was not going to wait two hours because we were freaking starving. We headed to this place, still on the same strip, called Bon Chon.

As what I've read, this is a US restaurant which serves chicken by way of Koreans. They deep fry the chicken twice; first to make it crispy and next to coat it with their special dressing. They have two options: sweet and spicy and soy garlic. Their menu is very simple actually.

 I was very intrigued so we ordered the combo of drumsticks and wings with hot and spicy sauce. Yummeh! Move over KFC!
Medium Combo (PhP 365)
We would have loved some fries but they happened to have shortage of potatoes by the time we reached the counter. I heard from the adjacent table that they don't have ketchup anyway. That is insane men! We got the saddest looking Ceasar Salad instead.
Ceasar Salad (PhP 125)
That's leaves, croutons and dressing. No way that is a salad; and 125 is such a rip-off. Please take this off your menu.

I loved the chicken no doubt but they have to do something with their service; they tend to serve slow. I don't know if this is just because they have just opened. I also hated that they ran out of fries. You can never have too many potatoes in stock in my opinion. Oh and please have ketchup and juice. Your choice of beverage is melancholic for someone who does not like fizz in her glass.

If you need more proof that the chicken was really good. Well this is a photo of two gorgeous *ehem* and proper ladies:

And this was the fate of the chicken they gobbled up:
Need I say more?
Verdict: 4 wings (all for the chicken)
Bon Chon is located at the Ayala Triangle Garden, Makati City

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