12 December 2010

The 30-Minute Notice

Friday night, I was supposed to meet up with grade school friends at Bonifacio High Street for dinner and drinks. Well since many of them are truly experts in drawing, it ended up that it's only me and Queenie who would get to meet again so we decided not to push through with the plan. I sent an e-mail to my college blockmates Raqy and Xy and we came up with an impromptu night out to have dinner, watch Narnia then head over to Banchetto.

Since we were all to wait for Pabs to finish his shift at 10 PM, Raq and XY waited for me at Greenbelt 3 wherein they discovered the interesting world of erm...foreigners getting chummy with Filipina girls. Damn, reason why the definition of Filipina in one dictionary is just so wrong. Anyway, we ended up at Baja Mexican Cantina and had Mexican. (DUH.)

The reason I wanted to eat at this place is because I am so craving for margaritas. I was actually telling them that we go to Texas Roadhouse Grill for the "buy-one-take-one" margaritas (which is served in a macho mug by the way) but this is the only place near the cinemas which can satisfy my alcohol craving. At PhP175 per glass, I could get two macho margaritas at Roadhouse already. Booness.
Apple Margarita
They were giving away free nachos for every PhP500 purchase though. Props to the cheese sauce!

For some reason, we all went into swine mode and felt really sleepy after eating. What to do when you have this unnecessary yawning activity? Go have coffee. Good thing Pabs arrived already.

Turned out, Narnia was going to be a snooze fest with Xy snoring throughout the movie. Well, maybe half the movie but that's not the point. I'm just disturbed with Lucy's fixation to be "beautiful" just like her sister Susan who is not at all beautiful.

Anyway let's all go to the highlight of the night, well it was actually morning already, which was the Banchetto Night Market! We went to the Ortigas area from Makati on board a bus since cabs are such a pain oin the bum. I was regretting that I did not bring flats because we had to walk about half a kilometer before reaching the venue and I was on platforms. Banchetto happens every Saturday at 12 MN - 11 AM with people on gimiks and night shifts as their target market. This is the kind of place wherein you eat something while looking for something to eat. Insane.
Appetizer 1
Appetizer 2
We were able to find interesting stuff such as these:
Sausages are just sausages. Zippit. 
It was a delight to find Dulcinea Churros on a street market. Zashal!

After scouring the whole place these were what we had:
Patay Gutom Mode. In english, swine mode.
Oh yeah we were squatting on the floor as that is how you properly do Banchetto.
Raqy was taking the photo :)

That's what I love with impromptu night outs; they push through! And I just have to insert an outfit shot though I look like a brat here.
coat: Folded and Hung
tank top: Mango
jeans: Her Bench
shoes: VNC
bangles: from Korea

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