01 December 2010

All the Single Ladies

Last weekend, Queenie, Ghe and I went clubbing. I don't do bars as much because, well maybe I am getting older and I'd rather have more intimate drinking sessions rather than be at a place where you could barely hear the person you are with. Probably the reason also why I don't have as much clothes appropriate for such a place. I managed to find something decent inside my closet and I use nightouts as an excuse to wear really high heels.
top: H&M
shorts: Abrace at The Ramp
necklace and shoes: Forever 21
While Queenie and I were waiting for Ghe, we managed to dissect what was going on with our respective lovelifes. I have been single for as long as I could remember and I am stumped as to what I have been doing wrong. Well here are the facts shared through pasta and coffee:

1. Guys really have the upper hand. If they like a girl, they could very well make a move, get her number or ask her out. If the girl likes them back, great; if they don't, then move on to the next. The girl would just wait for the guy. In the Filipino culture, it is just but unacceptable when the girl is aggressive. Sure, guys would love that but ask any guy, they would not take that girl seriously. Guys like the machismo, they dig the challenge.

2. Guys would not take the plunge if they do not see the slightest ray of light that they stand a chance. If you like a guy, give him some hint of assurance but do not throw yourself at him. There are a few exceptions, but they are really FEW.

3. I said that guys dig the machismo right? Well, they want to feel needed. So sometimes you need to play the damsel in distress card and ask for help even if you do not need it. Hell ask help even if it is fictional. It strokes their egos. It sucks, I know.

For all we know this could be drowned by Bacardi Cokes and Katy Perry. Yey Dolce!

It was just weird and funny that five minutes upon entering the club, we were approached by these Indian and Persian guys whose picture I would not bother posting here. They did give us a free round of tequila though.

MOST OUTRAGEOUS LIE OF THE NIGHT: "We need to leave now because I have a business trip tomorrow and I still have to pack and our ride is waiting for us downstairs." Winner!

Anyway, I'm still hoping that I do get to find that guy soon. If this a curse, dear Lord please let this end now. 

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