29 December 2010

Christmas Parties, Parties and More Parties

I think I am overabusing (is there such a word as this?) my body by popping and dropping by every party/reunion/gathering possible.

After the org dinner, my high school friends, along with new friends, had the annual Christmas party in the far far away land of Fairview.
I wonder why Ana and Banj weren't looking at the camera?
We played this unconventional kris kringle called the White Elephant whose concept was that you could "steal" somebody else's gift and that gift could move from one owner to another four times. I actually had a nice start.

But then a gazillion of gift stealings after, I ended up with a perfume by no less than the infamous Hayden Kho which is like the crappiest gift ever. Sorry Daniel but it is! Now do I hear Careless Whispers playing in the background? Damn that sucked!

Christmas eve I bumped into my childhood friends after the mass.
Patinteromates :D
After Christmas we decided to go out of the village and go karaoke. It's funny that we live in one village and yet we hardly see one another. We went to this new place called F.I.S.H. along Visayas Ave. and it was really nice. For PhP1,500, which is consumable for food and drinks, you get three hours of videoke already.
Me, Raffy, Dianne, Ron
Foodie. I forgot to take a phoro of the scrumptious Bangus Sisig!

Well all my friends know that I sing better than the average person so I enjoy videoke.

But when you have a Philippine Madrigal singer in the room...that kinda changes things. *shrinks to thunb-size version of me*
with Rem a.k.a. Choie (Oha close kami!)
Well to give you an idea how good Chois is (nobody calls him that anymore except for family and *ehem* close friends) watch below:

We just became the fantard friends that we are. The room literally became silent the moment he got hold of the microphone. We just love you dude haha!
fangirl na fangirl haha

I wore something comfy for this rendezvous.
jacket: Bayo
tank: bazaar
denim skirt: Dorothy Perkins
shoes: H&M
bag: Guess
earrings: Forever 21
Cheers to the holidays!

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