25 December 2010

Going Japanese at Yaku

My friend and officemate (and pseudo-brother Jon) celebrated his 28th birthday at Yaku Japanese Grill at The Podium. I actually didn't know that it existed until last Wednesday.

For appetizers, we had the Yaku Platter (Gindara, Butabara, Asparamaki, Uzura, Okura, Negima). Well I had no idea which is which on the plate to be honest. As far as my tastebuds were concerned, I was able to taste: 1) quail eggs; 2) asparagus wrapped in bacon and 3) fish with some spice (Gindara?). Arman ate all the okra (which I think was the Okura just because they sound alike).
Yaku Platter (PhP 186.48)

We also had Kani Salad. there are only two types of salads that I can eat for all my meals in a day: potato and kani. 
Kani Salad (PhP 120.96)
Jon told us to get rice bowls so we each had one. I just wasn't able to capture everything in photos because I did not bring my camera. I now turnover the official photographer task to Jon who has the better toy.
Ayii nothing like a G12!
For this set however, I grabbed the photos from Welai.
Gyudon (PhP 181.44)
Tendon (PhP 181.44)
Chicken Teriyaki (PhP 195)
Yaku was reasonably priced and I enjoyed my food; especially when it's free. It could get really packed during lunch so you may need to get reservations.

Happy birthday again Jon!

Verdict: 4 stars
Yaku is located at 3/F of The Podium.

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