27 December 2010

Kanin Club at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

Last Wednesday, I met up with my orgmates for our Christmas dinner at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. It was a bad terrible idea! Ayala Triangle was so jampacked with people that my friend Winna had to list us in all the restaurants there and pray to God that nobody faints until we get called in one. We had to kill time to forget our hunger. Good thing I ate at a Christmas party before going there.
Waiting in Vain shot 1
Waiting in Vain shot 2
Two mortifying hours after, we finally were up for Kanin Club.

Because the guys and girls were starving, Winna immediately ordered the Crispy Liempo and Tokwa't Baboy. The liempo came with three different sauces to dunk it in.
Crispy Liempo (PhP 142)
Tokwa't Baboy (PhP 149)
Kanin Club is famous for their Crispy Dinuguan so we must not miss that. It was accompanied by Laing, Tapa ni Ana and Seafood Salpicao.
Crispy Dinuguan (PhP 261)
Laing (PhP 172)
Tapa ni Ana (PhP 187)
Seafood Salpicao (PhP 224)
Kanin Club also offers bottomless rice which looks like ice crem in a cup.
Kanin ala mode anyone?
Since Pilo and I were full having eaten from our previous locations, we decided to have drinks instead and  jump right to desserts. we became curious about the Green Iced Tea.
Green Iced Tea (PhP 53 single/ PhP 96 bottomless)
It was a good thing that we did not go for bottomless because this tasted like freshly squeezed flowers crossed with incense which reminded me of the friendly neighborhood spa.

For dessert we had the Sticky Rice with Mangoes which took an eternity to prepare. Good thing it was delicious; otherwise I would have created a scene. We actually wanted it cancelled because Mich has already brought revel bars which were scrumptious!
Sticky Rice (PhP 149)
Yummy Revel Bars!
Save for the booboo in the Sticky Rice, they said that the food was worth lining up for. I don't know if that had anything to do with all of them really starving. 

Anyway...outfit shot!
dress: Zara
belt: Celine
sunglasses: Fly
shoes: Forever 21
The pumps were for show only. I would literally die if I commute in those. I just think they go well with the dress. I love this dress, I think it makes me look thin as I got a lot of those "You're so thin!" statements that day. I think I'll be wearing that a lot in the future.

Verdict: 4 rice bowls
Kanin Club is located at The Ayala Triangle Gardens. Other branches at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Westgate Mall Alabang and UP-Ayala Technohub.

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